A Tribute To Cliff Burton

A fictional piece of Cliff’s last dream before the tragic bus accident that took his life:

The Final Ride To Copenhagen

The show in Stockholm was just as good as all the other shows in Europe. Man, we started on September 10th and everything is going the way we planned. The fans in England, Ireland and Sweden get into it just as much as in the States. I’m glad Marshall joined us on this tour. It was an excellent decision to sign him on in Nashville. What’s today? The 27th? Man it gets hard to tell what day it is when we’re out like this. I’m still tired, it’s only 6 in the morning, when do we get to Copenhagen? It’s a great tour but these buses suck to sleep in. I’ll sleep a little longer, I only wish the ringing in my ears would stop. I can hear a voice, I must be dreaming- wait there it is again…

“2 minutes to black. Stand-by tape 1, roll tape 1.”

“Rolling 1…3,2,1.”

“Take tape 1.”

“…time is like a fuse, short and burning fast…Soon to fill our lungs the hot winds of death… so take your last breath.”

Wow! Why is he playing our songs? This is so weird! I should wake up and tell James about this dream. I better not, it’s too early, better let him sleep. Here it comes again…

“Minute 30 to black. Stand-by tape 2, roll tape 2.”

“Rolling 2…3,2,1.”

“Take tape 2.”

“…They are trying to take it all away. I don’t want to die. Time is moving slowly minutes seem like hours, the final curtain call I see…”

Shit! This is too weird for me! I better wake, but I’m so tired. Why is he playing our songs, what does it mean? Hey, maybe it’s a premonition that we are going to do a TV gig soon, sure that’s what it means, nothing to worry about.

“1 Minute to black. Stand-by tape 3, roll tape 3.”

“Rolling 3…3,2,1.”

“Take tape 3.”

“…Die by my hand, and creep across the land killing first born man. I rule the midnight air the destroyer born. I shall soon be there, deadly mass…”

Whoa, shit! This is getting bad. What does all this mean? Less then a minute in the dream show left. It has to be 6:30 now, when do we get to Copenhagen? I better wake up now, the songs he is playing deal too much with death. There has to be a reason for all this, but what? I better wake up now, it’s time to wake up- Oh no! He’s coming back! I don’t like this dream. I have to wake up! Please go away, don’t let your dream show finish, please go away. Plea-

“30 seconds to black. Stand-by tape 4, roll tape 4.”

“Rolling 4…3,2,1.”

“Take tape 4.”

“Life it seems to fade away. Drifting farther everyday. Getting lost within myself, nothing matters no one else… Deathly lost, this can’t be real. Cannot stand this hell I feel, emptiness is filling me…

“10 seconds to black.”

God! Please don’t let him fade to black!

“…No one but me can save myself, but it’s too late. Now I can think, think why I should even try…”

“5 seconds.”

Noooo! I want to wake up!

“…Yesterday seems as though it never existed, death greets me warm…”


It’s over!

“…Now I will just say good-bye…”

“Fade to black”