RV Adventure

Family ReunionWe are back from our 6 weeks RV Adventure and I’ve uploaded all of our pictures not just from the vacation but also the Stryker Family Reunion in Beaufort, NC, and our vacation at the Outer Banks, NC with the family.

I would have had this up a lot sooner; however, I’ve reorganized my albums so any pics that are pre-2010 are now in a separate album. All of our 2010 pics are now it its own folder. This will enable me to update the album in less than an hour or so!

Our trip (including the Family Reunion and our week at the Outer Banks) was a 45 day trip, covering 6220 miles, visiting 21 states, 22 campgrounds, taking 23 fuel stops and consuming 1030 gal of fuel, stopping at 30 National Parks/Monuments and 7 State Parks, a visit to a St. Louis ER, driving through 1 AZ forest fire, hitting 1 ring-neck pheasant, driving through 1 NM dust storm, purchasing 2 new motor home batteries and waking up at 1 AM to an RV fire in the Santa Fe campground we were staying at!. But it was one heck of a trip – REALLY GREAT! Before we purchased the motorhome, one of our big objectives was to visit many National Parks. Well we did it within 3 years. Still many more to see though!!

Eric traveled with us following his graduation from Yale where he received his PhD in History of Art. He stayed with us for 4 weeks and we dropped him off in Dallas at the end of June. He was a great cook and navigator – and our itinerary expander! Then Nora and I went on to Beaufort, NC where Wayne and Foster hosted the 1st Stryker Family Reunion – 30 family members celebrated the 4th of July there. We had a wonderful time including a “down home” 4th of July parade! Cousins met cousins for the first time and everyone got along so well! Great memories were made!

It was great arriving back home; there is nothing like “sleeping in your own bed” (the one in our MH is our own, but that doesn’t count!). The heat wave did a job on my yard – I lost 1 dogwood tree, 4 azalea bushes and serious wilting of everything thing else! The front of the MH was trashed with “bugs” and it took me a full day to clean the exterior. We are thinking about a trip to Cape May and then maybe New England in the Fall. Of course tailgating with the MH is on tap for 8 Rutgers home games!

Our web photo album is available on the Strykeronline web site. When you’re in it there will be two folders for Gary and Nora – 2010 and one thru 2009.

New folders have been loaded from May ’till July. The RV Adventure will be in the June folder under Utah with each major stop in its own folder. The Family Reunion (1218 pics) will be under July – Family Reunion. Within that folder I’ve loaded all submitted photos under the submitters name. Thanks to all who submitted. For anyone wishing to download the entire Family Reunion go to http://strykeronline.com/uploads/StrykerReunionNC.zip. This is a large zip file (2.3Gb) that can be download, although it may take a while.

Enjoy the photos. We know there’s a tremendous quantity to view if and when you have the urge and the time. Nora and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

View the album here: http://nora-gary.strykeronline.com/

Gary & Nora