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Double Kick Pedals in Rock Band

Just picked up the Omega Twin Rocker double kick pedal adapter for Rock Band and so far it I’m liking it. It allows you to connect two Rock Band kick pedals to your drum set and finally give your right leg a rest on those expert songs. Definitely worth the money if you play everything in expert mode and are struggling with some of the double kick beats with only one pedal.

If you want to go extreme with your Rock Band drumming check out the Omega GM-1 system and connect Rock band to your real drum set.

Guitar Hero Metallica

Announced on the Metallica web site…

“Metallica . . . Guitar Hero . . . It’s Official! Yes, we know, it’s the worst kept secret in rock-n-roll but we’re here now to finally confirm that there will indeed be an all-Metallica Guitar Hero game released in the first half (!?) of 2009. Guitar Hero Metallica allows you to play as us in either single instrument or band career game modes in your choice of some famous settings (Tushino Airfield anyone?) or new venues with in the round staging. Included are 28 Metallica songs along with a few from some of our buddies like as Alice in Chains, the Foo Fighters, Slayer, Machine Head and Queen. There is also an all new Expert+ difficulty setting featuring two bass drum kick pedals (!!!) along with all the gameplay modes from Guitar Hero World Tour.”